Fuck Yeah Majokko

Dedicated to the early majokko (magical girl) series by Toei Animation.

Series Covered:
-Mahoutsukai Sally
-Himitsu no Akko-chan
-Mahou no Mako-chan
-Sarutobi Ecchan
-Mahoutsukai Chappy
-Miracle Shoujo Limit-chan
-Cutie Honey
-Majokko Megu-chan
-Hana no ko LunLun
-Mahou Shoujo Lalabell

All material copyright of Toei Animation, Dynamic Planning, Kodansha, and other companies.  

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Alot of fans claim both Honey and Limit are not true magical girls because their powers come from science and not magic. Both series are officially considered magical girls by Toei Animation. Both characters are officially considered magical girls as well. Limit aired on the same time slot that had aired every magical girl series produced by Toei Animation since Mahotsukai Sally. Cutie Honey was originally slated for this time slot, but instead aired on a different one. Both characters have appeared on various official products that list them as “majokko” (meaning a young witch) or “mahotsukai heroine" (magician) heroine. Generally the lead characters of these series were called majokko. The term became popular after the 1974 series Majokko Megu-chan. Even today most of Toei Animation’s early magical girls are called majokko.

Out of all the characters only Sally, Chappy, Megu, and Lalabell are actual “witches”. Akko, Mako, and Lun Lun are just girls with magical items. Honey and Limit have scientific advancements. Ecchan herself has no magical powers to speak of, she is just a ninja. So it’s not fair to deny Honey and Limit the title of magical girl!

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